Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Busy Hands: Elsa's Cape

My Little Princess

This winter I saw lots of online chatter about the new Disney movie, Frozen. I wanted to go see the movie in the theater, but was too sick to go out and sit up for that long. I didn't tell anyone that I wanted to see Frozen. Instead I just enjoyed music and video clips that were available online. Then in March, much to my delight, my sister sent the Frozen DVD to me as a surprise gift! Because she's just cool like that. :) So that weekend we had a family movie night and watched Frozen. It was a big hit with all of us, and we've been singing Frozen songs ever since.

Adelaide's favorite character is Elsa. In April she asked for a cape so that she could dress up like Elsa. William's Darth Vader cape served as a temporary fix while Adelaide waited patiently for a few weeks for me to create an Elsa cape. 

I used an old curtain and threaded some blue ribbon through the hem. Next, I tied it around Adelaide's shoulders and trimmed the cape to the proper length. Then I hand-sewed a hem one afternoon while Adelaide and I watched Frozen together. 

It's not exactly like Elsa's cape, but it is much closer than the black Darth Vader cape! It is pretty, and girly, and Adelaide is perfectly content with it.

For your entertainment, here is a video of Adelaide dressed up as Elsa and singing Let It Go. (If you are viewing this post in an email, you will need to click over to my blog to view the video.)


  1. I have learned, in the past week, that ALL little girls LOVE this song. My granddaughter performed it for us as soon as we arrived at their house last week. She has only seen the video twice (my daughter is opposed to too much video time for her kids) and yet knows it well. When we visited her preschool, two of the little girls sang it for us as they played with bubbles. So popular.

  2. It's a little scary how well my daughters knew the songs from this movie after having seen it only twice! We really enjoyed the movie, too, though - and my kids learned some good lessons from it (that have stuck with them, at least so far).

    The glittery cape is beautiful, just like Adelaide!

  3. they are very catchy. let it go got my daughter back into serious singing.

  4. The little girls sure do love this song! I was amazed at how quickly Adelaide learned the song. She knows it much better than I do!

  5. Aw, so cute! I wish we lived closer so that we could get together for a play date with our children!

  6. Indeed. The children learn the songs so quickly! Adelaide knows the songs so much better than I do.


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